"When you break down barriers, divisions, territories and hierarchies - you begin to build teams."
Atomic Energy Central School-1,Jaduguda

Sl.No. Name(Mr./Mrs./Ms.)            Department  Designation Employment Number
2 Mr R.R. Sharma  Biology  Laboratory Assistants -SS 9796
3 Mr Pinaki Laha  Physics  Laboratory Assistants -SS 9718
4 Mr V.K. Agarwal  Chemistry  Laboratory Assistants -SS 9728
5 Mr Uday Lal Khatik Office Assistant 2127
6 Mr Sikhoresh Gope Office UDC 9609
7 Mr Anupam Aind  Office  UDC 9712
8 Mr Yodha Murmu  Office  LDC 11121
Office Staff Members