The Local management Committee (LMC) is a team of people representing various segments of the Local community and other interested community members. The purpose of the LMC is to assist in the preparation and evaluation of the improvement plan of the school.The improvement plan includes performance indicators which are measurable.
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Our LMC is composed of an appropriately balanced number of stakeholders led by Mr. C.K. Asnani. These members are the representatives of the various wings of the local unit comprising of Administration, Account, Medical and Technical staff.
Keeping also in mind the data-driven decision making, the LMC reviews relevant data, identifies problem areas, develops improvement strategies, monitors their implementation and then starts the whole process over when the next round of data is available.
"Let education help us see truth and virtue"
Atomic Energy Central School-1,Jaduguda
Principal speaks...
AECS-1, Jaduguda is a home of thousands of students who join at an early age of 5-6 and leave at the age of 17-18. They enter a transitional phase of their life here and we groom them in their teens. Their character and personality take a shape here for the curriculum we have for their all round development. Every year more than 200 students pass out of this school and leave the campus for their future career. We have moulded them to be better citizens of the country for the well being of the society. It is our pleasure to educate the third generation new when the first generation is about to retire from their services and the 2nd is brimmed with energy in their professional fields.

Greatness in professional as well as personal life comes by being an inspirational human beings. Greatness lies in inspiring others with the values you have your life with. It is not your qualification, professional status, designation power, bank balance or social position. Great men live their message and walk their talk. Virtue is timeless. Those who do good things don’t enjoy vacation. We always expect our students to be good human being with values although they are pushed in to competitions by parents for good professional career. We strive to help parents fulfil their ambitions but expect that they would not compromise with human values. It is rightly said “ The destiny of a country takes shape in the classroom.”

The students are aspirational,the staff is mostly dedicated and the LMC is very cordial.To keep pace with the world of information explosion and to interact with the rest of the global village,it is necessary to get connected through this school website.In our attempt to learn how to learn by rediscovering ourselves,we are firm-footed on the journey to success.
Sr. No. Name & Designation Name and Designation Nominated as
1 Shri C.K. Asnani Chairman & Managing Director, UCIL, Jaduguda Chairman
2 Dr A.K. Sarangi Executive Director (Projects), UCIL, Jaduguda Member
3 Shri T.K. Mukherjee DGM (A/c) UCIL, Jaduguda Member
4 Shri V.K. Singh DGM (Civil), UCIL,Jaduguda Member
5 Shri R.K. Mishra Chief Supdt. (Environmental Engg.) UCIL,Turamdih Member
6 Shri S. K, Sharma Dy. Gen. Manager (Inst./Pers&IRs), UCIL,Jaduguda Member
7 Dr.(Smt) K.Bhattamishra Manager (MS), UCIL Hospital,Jaduguda Member
8 Dr. P.K. Tamrakar Addl.Superintendent (CR & D), UCIL,Jaduguda Member
9 Shri. Ashok Kumar Singh Principal, AECS, Turamdih Member
10 Shri B Thomas Reddy  Vice-Principal (In Charge), AECS-2, Jaduguda Member
11 Shri S K Sarangi Principal, AECS-1, Jaduguda Member
12 Shri D. Raja Sekhar Rao Principal AECS, Narwapahar Member