The Local management Committee (LMC) is a team of people representing various segments of the Local community and other interested community members. The purpose of the LMC is to assist in the preparation and evaluation of the improvement plan of the school.The improvement plan includes performance indicators which are measurable.
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Our LMC is composed of an appropriately balanced number of stakeholders led by Mr. C.K. Asnani. These members are the representatives of the various wings of the local unit comprising of Administration, Account, Medical and Technical staff.
Keeping also in mind the data-driven decision making, the LMC reviews relevant data, identifies problem areas, develops improvement strategies, monitors their implementation and then starts the whole process over when the next round of data is available.
"Let education help us see truth and virtue"
Atomic Energy Central School-1,Jaduguda
Principal speaks...
Our school is loacted in the far-flung part of the country amidst the scenic beauty of hillocks under whose belly lies mother Earth's most potent power-the Uranium.
Presently catering to the needs of about 2000 students,it has almost all basic infrastructure required for a school-though in some areas it needs a little attention.
The students are aspirational,the staff is mostly dedicated and the LMC is very cordial.To keep pace with the world of information explosion and to interact with the rest of the global village,it is necessary to get connected through this school website.In our attempt to learn how to learn by rediscovering ourselves,we are firm-footed on the journey to success.
Shri C.K. Asnani Chairman & Managing Director, UCIL
Dr A.K. Sarangi General Manager (CP), UCIL
Shri T.K. Mukherjee DGM (A/C) UCIL & Member, LMC
Shri V.K. Singh DGM (Civil), UCIL & Member, LMC
Shri R.K. Mishra Chief Supdt. (Environmental Engg.) UCIL & Member, LMC
Shri S. Panda Manager (Personnel), UCIL & Member LMC
Dr.(Smt) K.Bhattamishra Manager (MS), UCIL Hospital & Member, LMC
Dr. P.K. Tamrakar Addl.Superintendent (CR & D), UCIL & Member, LMC
Dr.(Smt) K.Bhattamishra Addl. CMO, UCIL Hospital & Member, LMC
Dr Dinesh Kumar  Principal, AECS-1, Jaduguda & Member, LMC
Smt. Anila Singh Charak Principal, AECS-2, Jaduguda, & Member, LMC
Shri D. Raja Sekhar Rao Principal AECS, Narwapahar & Member, LMC
Shri Ashok Kumar Singh Principal AECS, Turamdih & Member, LMC